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March 2, 2004

3:07 AM

Cheaper by the Dozen?

On April 3 this year, my husband Alex and I will be celebrating our 12th anniversary as a couple.

It seems like only yesterday when I was just in my senior year at college and he, in his junior year and our paths crossed - thanks to our love for writing, and thanks to The Flame, our college journal where we first met.

No, we didn't fall in love right away (although I will forever insist that he succumbed to my charms the first time he saw me). I was in love with one of his friends and Alex was courting another girl. Then the guy left for the US, leaving me heartbroken. And the girl rejected him, leaving him heartbroken. Inside The Flame office, I saw him sitting with a sad look on his face, his wrists with slash marks. I asked him what happened and although he didn't tell me then, I knew that he was nursing a broken heart just like me.

Then one night, he was in my dreams. The next day, a day before my graduation, I bumped into him and casually said, "I dreamed about you" and walked away without looking back and without waiting for him to reply. He told me afterwards that he fell in love with me that same instant. The days that followed saw us together almost every minute. One afternoon, I asked him to accompany me to the printing press. I asked him if he knew how to get there and he said he didn't. But we managed somehow to reach the place. He told me afterwards he knew where it was all along but didn't admit it. He just wanted to be with me.

Do you remember Vanessa Williams' song, Save the Best for Last, which goes like, "All of the nights you came to me, when some silly girl had set you free. You wondered how you'd make it through. I wondered what was wrong with you."  It has become our song.

And he is still with me up to this very day. The roads have been bumpy, the journey has been tough. We've had our share of downs and lows and oh no, married life is not always a bowl of cherries. We've had the roughest of times and boy, we're still here, we're still together. It's still not very easy but hey, here we are after all these years. Our lives have changed, our careers have changed and we both have changed through the years. Alex is no longer the same person I once knew, the same way I am no longer the Pam he first fell in love with. We have differences in views, opinions, interests and dreams just like any other couple. We have grown together and we have grown apart. Sometimes we connect, sometimes we don't. Sometimes we understand each other, sometimes we don't. We have completely changed but somehow, I know that the love we used to share is still there and the love we are sharing now is enough to last for the remaining days of our lives.

Happy anniversary, Dad. I love you, you know that. I am not the perfect wife but I know that in more ways than one, I have shown you what life and love are all about.

Save the best for last...

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Posted by lirio torres:

advance happy anniversary . . . you have indeed grown as a better person and the best is yet to come! there may be bumpy roads ahead but it will just be a PHASE in your life . . . believen me i am giving you til this next week to . . . . or else . . . MAG UUPAK AKO
March 2, 2004 @ 11:40 PM

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