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November 15, 2012

4:04 PM

Beauty is in the eye of the video-holder

There are a few lucky ones who rose to instant fame, YouTube sensations like Charice and Zendee, who were liked, loved, adored. Awww shucks, they've met Ellen huhuhu.

Many cases have also been solved by CCTV footages - just recently, that of the slain model Julie Ann Rodelas. Hooray!

And then there are the unfortunate souls who had public meltdowns - Christopher Lao, Robert Blair Carabuena, Claudine/Raymart Santiago, and now Paula Jamie Salvosa - who were crucified by netizens.

Admit it - there are guards, traffic enforcers, store clerks, fellow motorists who are really rude at nakaka-highblood. Meron na rin tayong inaway at sinigawan at some point in our lives - whether in English or Filipino.  Puwede rin in your own dialect – hindi nga lang niya naintindihan.

Thing is, we were not caught on video. Nakakatakot na ngayon kasi puwede ka nang i-video and you will become a trending topic for the wrong reason/s. Worse, people don't even know you from Adam yet, from a minute-long video, they have already judged you and said so much about you, na wala kang kalaban-laban.

Parang PBA lang, minsan ang natatawagan ng foul  or nakikita ng referee yung nag-react, not the one who initiated it.

The lesson here is to be always on guard, and to check your emotions.

I've had my share of nerve-wracking moments. Sometimes I would react. But more often than not, wala ako sa mood makipag-away or I'm too tired to care. Not worth it.

I'll just blog about it, tweet it, or post a Facebook status. Kakampihan ninyo pa ko. Di ba? 

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Posted by kaye:

you said what was exactly on my mind. (Na actually naicomment ko sa isang post about the same subject). Anyway, I dont know why people resort to all sorts of criticism when they themselves do the very same thing they profess to hate. Di ko alam kung dahil trained tayo to get the other side of the story but even so, I do not know the whole picture so I don't make my judgment. And even if I did, i believe the publicity this has gained is too much. I wish we would leave her alone and focus on our own dramas in life. haha! Sabi ko nga, it would be better sana if this incident, instead of giving us an opportunity to bash someone, would just serve as a lesson for us to always keep in check our manners and temper. I have to admit I have been in situations when my patience was challenged especially since I am not known for my patience haha! (more the lack of it) and I know many of us have been in the same situations so we have no business passing judgment on others just because we weren't caught on video when the same thing happened to us in the past.

Pansin ko lang na kadalasan, kapag di ka kagandahan, medyo di ka rin kasexyhan, e people tend to look down on you at opo nangyayari yan sa mga guards, sa mga salesladies...silang may mga humble na trabaho na sumusukat sa kapwa nilang sa tingin nila e di kasing kagalang galang ng mga magaganda, gwapo, mukang mabango, makisig, sexy o kung anupaman yang pamantayan na yan at nagugulantang lang sila kapag napakitaan mo na marunong ka ring umingles at magaling pa. (may pinaghuhugutan? haha!) kaya minsan di mo maiwasang maging mataray sa kanila.

still, I will not condone the girl's conduct. Siguro lang talaga, di na natin siya dapat husgahan. For sure this will be a big lesson to her. and I hope, to all of us, too. :)
November 15, 2012 @ 3:43 PM

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