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November 26, 2013

8:24 AM

Who says kids don't appreciate books anymore?

My 8-year old son discovered our old sets of encyclopedia in my mom's house and fell in love with them. He would borrow 3 volumes every afternoon and return them for another 3 until he consumes all of the books. 

I told Caehl that people don't buy encyclopedias anymore because they're expensive and because of Internet. "Information changes everyday and before you know it, the ones on the encyclopedia are outdated already. Anyway, you can research naman in the Internet."

He said he doesn't mind. "Even if the information is old na."

I didn't realize how serious he was on having his own encyclopedias until he told us last Sunday morning that he found preloved sets for sale at Sulit.com.ph (he has been doing some online window shopping, for crying out loud). "The lowest that I could find is 800pesos."

A lover of almanacs, dictionaries and atlases, this boy just can't be stopped. #talesofthegoodgirl #whatchamacaehlit #thegoodgirlsson

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