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November 20, 2012

1:28 PM

The Mystery of The Missing Bag

A while ago, I was covering the bar codes of my new Human (Heart) Nature orders, explaining to my officemate Maricel that they might set off Shopwise’s store alarm.  

And then we started to exchange stories of similar incidents in National Bookstore. I noticed that a number of National Bookstore branches have quite sensitive security alarms, even if you are just walking in. Sometimes this could be embarrassing, having to surrender your bag/s for inspection with people staring at you as if you were caught shoplifting.

Then I remembered that this is the reason why Cae doesn’t like bringing bags to the mall. She has an allergic reaction to security alarms, or worse, phobia. She was probably in grade school then when we went to National Bookstore in Festival Mall and the alarm went off as we entered the store. The security guard stopped her as we stood there, surprised as he was. We were entering the store, not walking out, for goodness sake. Her bag was searched and at a tender age, she was traumatized so much by the experience that she refused to bring a bag wherever we went from then on. She would just cram her stuff – cellphone, make-up, iPOD - inside my bag and that’s it.

Laking National pa naman si Cae. I wonder if I should have sued NBS for emotional and psychological damages. Is there a statute of limitations for this, lawyer-friends? 

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