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March 6, 2004

9:14 PM

A Girl Named Caitlin

It's March and my daughter's birthday is coming up and she's turning 10, God help me!

I look at her pictures from age 1 to age 9 in our living room and I can't help but feel happy, proud, sad, excited and scared. Is this the same little girl I held in my arms last March 30, 1994? It took me 31 hours to finally bring her out into this world and God knows I will never ever forget that experience.

I was just 22 then but the memories are still very much alive up to now. The calendar said my due date was March 28. But my OB-gyne checked me out on that day and said I might still have to wait until the first week of April. Good, I thought, after Holy Week. And I told my husband, it might just coincide with our April 3 anniversary. The ultrasound said it was a girl. Alex and I wanted a baby girl so much we didn't even prepare a name for a boy.

So the next day, March 29, my husband went off to work. My mom and I was preparing to open our mini-store. But when I went to the washroom, there was blood. I quietly told Mama, "Ma, I think this is it." We hurriedly closed the store again and my Kuya, who fortunately was on afternoon shift, was already starting the engine.

We arrived in the hospital past 9AM. The male nurse in the ER said I was still 2cm so they brought me to my room first. I asked my brother to call up Alex. The waiting was terrible. The hours seemed so long. My relatives were already there and Papa kept on holding my hand. I was in pain but I was just lying there in silence. Then they brought me to another floor to prepare me. The anesthesiologist inserted something in my spine (nope, the needles couldn't hurt anymore) and I managed to fall asleep. Then I was brought to the Labor Room. I wasn't alone. I think there were 2 or 3 other women who were screaming. I heard the nurses say, "I bet they'll be back next year," but they took pity on me, "Ang tahimik nya (she's so quiet)," they said. Then came nightfall. I was already by my lonesome as the screaming women have all given birth. The room was dark and all I could hear was Chiqui Pineda's song "How Did You Know" repeatedly over the radio. They allowed Alex to go inside from time to time. It was hard to pee, goodness, and my bladder was killing me.

Morning came, I was still in the Labor Room. It was such an ordeal. Then came afternoon. My OB-gyne didn't want to perform a CS but she told my parents she had no choice but to give me just another hour. And then they said the baby was finally coming out. It was hard to push because I couldn't feel anything anymore due to the anesthesia. At 4:55PM, March 30, 1994, Holy Wednesday, Caitlin Anais was born, 7.04 lbs and 49 cms. My family said they saw her while the doctor and nurses were still cleaning her up. I was simply too tired but I asked one of the nurses to bring her in. She was beautiful and she looked so big to me at that time. I fell asleep again...And the rest, as they say, is history.

Sigh, I know I will never ever get tired of telling and re-telling this story...

For more of Cae, please visit: http://www.geocities.com/pam_capiz/caitlin.html or click the link "Help, My Daughter's 10!"

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Posted by Carmela:

My daughter was born on March too but she wasnt a ten-yr old girl, she can still be our baby at four, although like you, we're scared to death how well can we bring her into this crazy world. I guess our kids are just unique as God had created us and no matter how much we put pressure on ourselves in bringing such kids to the standards that we have, they'll mark the last impression, i hope though that they won't forget the values we have inculcated with them. Advance Happy b-day to Caitlin!!!
March 10, 2004 @ 9:41 AM

Posted by pam:

Thanks a lot, Carms! It sure is a frightening thought...it's a jungle out there! I hope all of parents can get by...and our kids, too.
March 12, 2004 @ 6:30 AM

Posted by freda:

August 12, 2005 @ 10:52 AM

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